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Living in the Toronto area? Facing a criminal charge? If so, contacting a criminal defence lawyer to stand by your side is highly recommended. Both you and your criminal lawyer will be spending a significant amount of time together, building both a working relationship and trust. It is extremely important to choose a criminal defence lawyer who is as passionate and concerned about your situation as you are.

I take great pride in representing each of my clients with extreme care and commitment. Located in Toronto, I am available to meet personally with all my clients in and around Ontario. Contact me today for a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto who will openly discuss all your options. As your criminal lawyer, I will be totally committed to you.

Passionate Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

I combine passion and persuasiveness when fighting for my client’s innocence. I am an expert in law and uncover the wrongdoing of police in order to persuade judges and juries to find my clients not guilty. Additionally, my strong attention to detail ensures nothings gets past my defendant. I represent the interests of my clients with knowledge, understanding and energy.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offence and in need of a defence lawyer, call my Toronto office today at 416.944.8111. You may also contact us online and we will respond back to you shortly.

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